I cannot rave about her enough, as a vendor and as a person. She is professional, organized and detail oriented all while maintaining the warmth and familiarity of an old friend. Do yourself a favor and hire this floral master for your event. She will create memories for you through her work that are unparalleled and leave you breathless from beginning to end. Let her transport you into a magical world you could only dream of!

When I think about my favorite element and/or vendor of our wedding, I have to say it was the flowers. Rebecca is so creative and inspired. Friends and family could not stop gushing about the arrangements, the holders, the colors, the textures... Everyone took photos and everyone was stunned. She is a mind­reader, a flower­whisperer, and a complete and utter genius.

It was such a joy to work with Rebecca on our wedding. She's impeccably organized, professional and prepared, easy to talk to, and has the rare ability to glean what you envision your wedding to look like even when you can't exactly express it. Rebecca makes magic happen. I can't recommend her highly enough.

She created a garland of hops to decorate the chain enclosures that bordered the small lake in the park we were on and it was a complete show stopper. I have never seen anything like this and it was all her idea. The flower crown she created for me was jaw dropping. I received endless compliments on it. It was so unique and perfect.

Her floral arrangements are unique, timeless, romantic, vintage, and modern all wrapped into one! She has her own unique flair that is totally recognizable as being off the charts amazing every time ­ I have never seen another florist do what she does.

SO CREATIVE, SKILLED, AND FUN! We loved working with Rebecca and have recommended her to our friends. We gave her free reign and trusted her to make magic­­­ and she did :)

I wish I could leave 10 stars (not just 5) for Rebecca. She was absolutely the highlight of my wedding ­­ honestly I think her flowers looked better than I did! Rebecca outdid even our highest expectations. She is very sincerely a floral genius ­­ she has a magical sense for texture and color that literally makes you want to gush.

The bottom line is that Rebecca is a true artist and designer. If you are looking for a true professional brimming with talent, creativity, and personality, then do yourself a favor and speak with Rebecca.

She will not only allow you total confidence in your wedding decor, but also has a way of turningflowers into your favorite part of planning.